Video marketing is becoming more and more important to online marketing strategies with each passing day. Choosing a platform to launch your campaign can be a daunting task since there are dozens of platforms out there. Here’s what to look for when finding a platform.

Platform Flexibility

Video goes to more than just desktop screens. You’ll need to factor in everything from mobile viewership to Internet television streams in your marketing plan. So choose a platform with tools that allow you to stream to as many devices and operating systems as possible — the more flexible the platform, the more successful your campaign.

Cloud Storage

Keeping a copy of your video on your internal servers is both expensive and risky; if the company server goes down for an unrelated reason, your video will be unavailable and your potential viewership left watching someone else’s campaign. Similarly, having to upload and update proprietary software to your servers is often an aggravating and time-consuming task that can delay campaigns and reduce viewership as you wait for endless “updates” to go through. So choose a platform that uses cloud storage and computing.
Library Management That Makes Sense

A video marketing campaign is often built to post videos frequently, and staying on top of the content you’ve released can be a difficult task. Use a platform that has simple and speedy library management tools to make finding the right video simple, so you can spend more time reaching out to your audience.

Easy Integration With Current Tools

Odds are good that you’ve already got some video solutions in place, that your site has a CMS system, and that you use CRM tools. Unfortunately, some platforms want to force you to change everything about your site to store your video with them, so look for a platform that plays well with others; easy integration with your site will make your campaign launch much smoother and ensure fewer technical issues as the campaign progresses.

Similarly, if you currently use an ad network or other tools, check to see how compatible your platform is with those. Again, the more compatible, the simpler the launch.

Easy “Broadcasting” to Multiple Sites

Most campaigns aren’t limited to your servers; you’ll want to post the video to social media, and possibly other video sites as well depending on your campaign’s goals and targeted audience. The easier it is to share a video on multiple sites, the more flexibility your campaign has to reach your target audience.

SEO and Analytics Tools

Part of getting your campaign seen is ensuring people looking for it can actually find it, and that you know who’s been watching and why. Any platform you use should have detailed and useful SEO tools that allow your video to make the most of the search terms being targeted. Similarly, look at the analytics tools you’re offered, and how they integrate with the video marketing platform.

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